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Prayerfully Consider Partnering with Us.
Together we can reach the world for Christ !


Welcome to 7x7 Blessing Monthly Partners page!

Itís Simple, Easy, Fast and Fun to sign up for 7x7 Blessing.
It is for real and it works, because itís a Divine Instruction from God.

Deuteronomy 15:1-5 Matthew 17:24-27

A special thank you to our faithful 7x7 Blessing Partners. You are making a difference through your monthly partnership in the ministry. After 3 days of fasting and prayer The Lord said 7x7 Blessing Miracles and Testimonies will be doubled and tripled this year in the ministry for all our partners. Partners will see more blessings, salvations, healing, miracles, deliverance, financial breakthroughs, restorations, divine open doors, just to mention a few.

There are 2 simple and easy steps to sign up and become a weekly or monthly 7x7 Blessing Partner. 

Step 1 | Sign Up Online 
Sign up online or by phone (770-817-7909) and become a monthly 7x7 Blessing partner with Addison Adamu Healing Ministries using your credit or debit card for recurrent withdrawals on a date you choose. 

Make sure to have at least three (3) or four (4) sevens (7s) in your weekly or monthly donations.

For example: $77.77, $177.77, $107.77, $87.77, $97.77, $117.77, $37.77, $57.77, $27.77, $507.77 $107.77, $207,77 $777.77, $7.77, $277.77, $377.77, $477.77, $577.77, $677.77, $877.77, $977.77, 1,077.77. $17.77. 

It is very important to have 3 or 4 sevens (7s) in your 7x7 Blessing Partnership. 

Itís an important part of the Divine Instruction, thatís why it is called 7x7 Blessing Partnership. You partner with God in this ministry for soul winning and for your personal blessing in every area of life. It is a win, win partnership with God Himself. Thatís why we have so many amazing 7x7 Blessing miracles and testimonies across America and around the world.

STEP 2 - Send Your 7 Prayer Requests
Please send SEVEN (7) Prayer Requests to the ministry for Pastor Addison Adamu and Twanna to read and pray for you after successfully joining 7x7 Blessing Monthly Partnership. Please do not forget to keep a copy of the same prayer requests, agreeing in prayer with us daily for your miracle. 

You will start to see God answering some of your prayer needs on your list. 
Begin to check your miracles and send us the testimonies online, by mail or call us and share your testimonies with us. We want to hear and share some of your miracles on TV and also at our church services. We want to add your testimonies and praise report in the folders we created for 7x7 Blessing testimonies 

New Partners, thank you for your interest and desire to partner with us through 7x7 Blessing Monthly Partnership to preach the healing and Salvation Gospel of Jesus Christ around the world, through evangelistic healing crusades, television, radio, missions, church planting, feeding the hungry, clothing the poor and reaching the un-reached for Christ globally. 

We want to welcome you on board- sign up, send your 7x7 Blessing prayer requests and see God do miracles in your life. 

7x7 Blessing Partnership is a simple Divine Instruction given to Pastor Addison Adamu by Jesus Christ in an audible voice that has changed many lives, with over 1000 miracles and testimonies from partners of all walks of life, from financial miracles to healing miracles, testimonies of new jobs, debt cancellations, promotions, miraculous marriages, new born babies from barren wives, impotent men, new contracts, favor for open doors, new houses, mortgage cancellations, HIV/AIDs healings just to mention a few. 

You choose your amount and date for monthly recurrent withdrawals and then send your 7 prayer requests to Pastor Addison to pray for you daily. You can sign up online here by yourself or call our ministry to sign up over the phone. 
You have heard or seen the amazing miracles and testimonies on television from 7x7 Blessing Monthly partners, how God answered their prayer needs when they joined and became 7x7 Blessing Partners. You are next in line for a miracle now. ††† 

Additional Information: 

1. 7x7 Blessing monthly partnership is a Divine Instruction God gave to Pastor Addison Adamu in July, the 7th month of 2014 to introduce to all believers in the world to support this ministry by becoming a monthly partner, then send 7 prayer requests to the ministry. In return, God said He will do miracles and answer many of their prayer requests such as debt cancellations, financial miracles, divine favor, open doors, new jobs, promotions, healing, breakthrough from curses, poverty failure, barrenness, salvations, open new doors, divine favor and so forth. 

2. If you need help to sign up over the phone, please call our church number 770 817 7909 and we will be more than happy to help you. It takes less than 5 minutes to sign you up. 

3. We Do Not keep your card information and our system does not keep records of your card information either. 

4. You can always call you increase your partnership or change your card information 

5. Again, please Do Not forget to add 3 sevens in your monthly partnership, send 7 prayer requests, keep a copy and be in prayer as we pray over your requests here in the ministry for your miracle. 

6. Send your most urgent and most pressing prayer needs whether big of small and believe God for your miracle. 

7. You can sign up more than one time in a month, weekly, by-weekly, or monthly as the Lord leads. Some sign up for themselves, friends and other family members and it works. It all depend on the leading of the Lord and how the Holy Spirit prompts you. The most important thing is to follow the 3 Divine Instructions above. 

8. 7x7 Blessing has being a huge blessing to many people. God said it and he is using it to bring breakthrough, hope, joy and miracles to many people that tried everything but never succeeded or had a breakthrough. But when they tried this it worked. 

It you are trying to learn about 7x7 Blessing, my simple advice for you is, try it by faith and trust God for miracles and testimonies. 

God bless you. 

Evangelist Addison Adamu
Founder, President/CEO

Addison Adamu Healing Ministries
Gospel Net International
Lead Pastor,
Freedom House Church International

STEP 1 | Sign Up
7x7 Monthly Partnership 
Monthly Donation Amount:

Be sure to include 3 or 4 sevens  (7's) in your donation amount:

For example: $77.77, $177.77, $107.77, $87.77, $97.77, $117.77, $37.77, $57.77, $27.77, $507.77 $107.77, $207,77 $777.77, $7.77, $277.77, $377.77, $477.77, $577.77, $677.77, $877.77, $977.77, 1,077.77. $17.77.

Click the link below to Donate, be sure to select 7x7 Blessing from the Fund Type field : )

Click to Donate

STEP 2 | Prayer Requests
Send Your 7 Prayer Requests...

After you have signed up using the form above as a 7x7 Monthly Partner, send us your 7 prayer requests.  
First Name

Last Name



Prayer #1:

Prayer #2:

Prayer #3:

Prayer #4:

Prayer #5:

Prayer #6:

Prayer #7:

Prayer Request Code: 334557



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7x7 Blessing Partners
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